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Discovery Minerals Ltd. (OTC PINK : DSCR) is an acquisition and development company that targets natural resource properties and cutting edge technology opportunities through its subsidiaries. The Board of Directors has determined that these activities be continued with an emphasis on early positive cash flow from any projects undertaken.

History of War Eagle Mountain.

War Eagle Mountain is a proven historic gold and silver resource located within the Silver City Mining District in Owyhee County, Idaho.  The Oro Fino Vein was discovered in 1862 and extends approximately 12,500 feet in length and 2,000 feet in depth producing about 415,000 ounces of gold through 1875.  During the fall and winter of 1874 the owners of the Golden Chariot mine completely refurbished the shaft and mill equipment, effectively "betting the ranch" on the secure knowledge that the Oro Fino Vein continued uninterrupted for a considerable distance and that approximately 85 % of the "known" and "mapped" veins had not yet been mined. By the end of 1875 a total of ten shafts had been sunk on the vein ranging in depth from 300 feet to 1250 . At the height of the mining boom on the Oro Fino Vein, there was a nationwide depression with Bank collapses and the source of working capital for the mines dried up. During the winter of 1875-1876 the shafts filled with water to a point that the Golden Chariot Shaft contained 1100 feet of standing water.  In 1904 the American Smelter Corporation drove the Sinker tunnel to drain the mine, however production mining never commenced before the tunnel entrance was covered in a landslide.  This cloistered condition has existed for the past 140 years, which has resulted in the preservation of this historical vein system without it being disturbed by intruders or miners.    The Sinker Tunnel was rediscovered in 1994 and current ownership has been assembling the patented claims for years finally bringing the Sinker Tunnel, Patented Claims and a modern Mill under common control to allow mining operations to resume.  The early mining at this historic resource was accomplished primarily with picks and shovels and a few pounds of black powder.  Now with modern equipment and techniques the DSCR JV will seek to mine the balance of the War Eagle Mountain hydrothermal deposits. Mining will include the Oro Fino, Poorman and Central vein systems.   

Press Releases


Discovery Minerals Announces Positive Assay Results Outlining Additional Near Surface Gold Bearing Structures Expanding the Initial Oro Fino Target Zone

Press Release | 09/09/2019  

DSCR Commences Trench Digging Operations Based Upon Favorable Assay Report

Press Release | 08/20/2019 

DSCR Announces Results First Rock Sampling Assay Report

Press Release | 08/12/2019 

Discovery Minerals LTD Report for War Eagle Mountain Project

Press Release | 08/06/2019 

Report on mining operations and expanded geology identifying additional target ore bodies 

DSCR Announces Mining Operations Will Commence Late June 2019 on War Eagle Mountain

Press Release | 05/09/2019  


DSCR Announces Site Survey Update for War Eagle Mountain Mining Plan

Press Release | 05/02/2019 

Discovery Minerals Ltd. Announces Completion of Joint Venture for Mining War Eagle Mountain Project

Press Release | 03/12/2019 

DSCR Announces Update for War Eagle Mining Plan

Press Release | 01/23/2019 

Discovery Minerals Commences Work Program on Idaho Gold Project

Press Release | 01/16/2019 

All Quarterlies & Financial Information Now Current and Cleared

Press Release | 08/27/2018 


  "    As well as underground work that is progressing,  several of these surface occurrences will produce substantial tonnage when excavator becomes available " 


 " The Company consulting Geologist says everything looks prospective for producing similar precious metal results as the previous miners, and this will be confirmed by assay results expected within 2 weeks. " 

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